I almost loved you
and you almost loved me.
Butterfly wings, today, are our only kiss.
We watch each other silent
with eyes covered with frost.
I always had you all
and me
you always missed.

Today instead of tresses
we grow flowers ans gras.
Instead of tears,
rains melt us to slow decay
and only the wind whisper’s
are able to trespass
the shadow of the space
that calls and drives away.

The sea ambrasses us around, unaware
that our heart beat is it’s waves alone.
We would have hold each other
with all our despair,
but you are away a whisper,
my lover made of stone.

The sun is scalding us
with never ending light,
the tender caress that I longed from you.
Frozen in almost love,
eternal and so bright.
You are almost my forever
and I am almost, too.

We will be wasted somebody by the sea,
by frost, by wind,
both tired of unending almost distance.
We’ll melt our sand and earth
and almost twinned
a love without shores
we’ll bring into existence


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